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Personal Coaching and Dyslexia Support

Help and Support with Dyslexia in Kendal, North West

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Call: 07799 866 662 or email click here


“Tom is a coach who operates with compassion, understanding and a direct style that helps people come to their own   learning and insights. He has shown the highest levels of integrity and commitment in the NLP and Coach training he has attended with me.”
Neal Anderson, INLPTA Registered NLP Trainer, Coach Trainer, UKCP Psychotherapist, Author “The NLP Coach Companion”


“Tom thanks for taking me on an important Journey, for helping me to see beyond the obvious, and helping me see what I need to do to get there” (Zoe Williams, Consultant)

“I enjoyed working with Tom, His coaching provided me with insights and new behaviours, he works with sensitivity and Humour” (Shenade McCann, Development officer Cumbria Count Council voluntary services)

“Tom clearly understands and is comfortable with the process of coaching and is comfortable with the process of coaching using Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) at an advanced level” (Johnny Barclay, Councillor Mediator)

.”Tom spoke about his own dyslexia and how important it is to understand the different way of working each individual dyslexic will experience; he also demonstrated the possible activities that might be used to integrate both brain hemispheres …while providing opportunities for physical involvement during ‘chill out’ interludes and suggested useful support strategies for confidence building along with examples of relaxation techniques suitable for alleviating the feelings of stress endured by many dyslexics.
Tom’s frankness in describing his own dyslexic journey and his empathy with struggling youngsters were appreciated.’

( anne Mackinteir , Local Dyslexia Association, tutor and assesor)

Contact Tom on 07799 866 662

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