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Personal Coaching and Dyslexia Support

Help and Support with Dyslexia in Kendal, North West

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Personal Coaching Services

James Kirby 7490 419x279 Personal Coaching ServicesCoaching helps you find your own solutions to problems and make changes to achieve your goals. Who ever you are I can use my skills as a life coach to help you realise your goals and be happy in life.

As a coach I ask questions to help you structure your thoughts to help you think about issues in your life and come up with creative solutions. I use Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and other techniques, to ensure that you have the motivation and commitment to change the way you act, think and feel, to reach your goals and feel happy in life.

Areas where coaching can have a particularly positive impact include…

  • Building self confidence and self-belief
  • Clarifying and setting goals and increasing motivation
  • Thriving under pressure, relaxation and stress management
  • Fitness, health and weight loss
  • Understanding how you learn and study best
  • Time management, work/life and study balance

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