Many of my clients are successful executives or entrepreneurs who work in a variety of fields. In many cases they work in high pressure environments where they experience frustrations and difficulties related to dyslexia and other learning differences. Some of my clients have not previously had a chance to explore what it means to be dyslexic and how it can influence their work, performance, relationships and emotional well-being. My mentoring and coaching can help you process these challenging experiences and emotions, and feel confident and free in your work and life.

Whether you are diagnosed dyslexic or not, my coaching helps you explore and process difficulties and past traumatic feelings associated with experiencing a learning difference, in a world, work or education environment, that has not met those individual needs.

I also offer specific work-based coaching, breaking down the elements of your job and helping you find positive strategies to perform better in areas you find difficult or challenging.


If you are an adult and perhaps need some life coaching, to help adjust to new situations and take positive steps forward, I am more than happy to work with you, whether you are dyslexic or not. Areas I can help with are stress management, career development, building stronger more productive relationships at home and in your social life.

If you are having difficulties with reading and writing or think you or someone close to you may be dyslexic I can offer support and coaching. I can help you overcome barriers related to dyslexia. I can act as a mentor and coach to help you understand how you learn best and maximise your learning potential so you can achieve your goals.


Perhaps you are a student struggling to cope with exam pressures, new-found independence, isolation or self-confidence. You may be needing to understand what direction you are going, or you might feel pressured into going down a certain career path; we can explore the path you’re taking and make a plan to suit your individual needs.


I help young people discover what they want to do, create a plan to achieve it and ensure they have the motivation and commitment to succeed in reaching their goals and embracing their talents. Amidst our current exam crisis, I can offer listening and support to help manage stress, and help to make decisions and plans about the future, be that studying or entering employment. I also deliver group sessions on a variety of topics, including managing emotions, careers advice and life skills.

I offer specific coaching and support for dyslexic young people, and young people with other specific learning difficulties, such as dyspraxia and ADHD. I ensure that coaching sessions are fun and engaging and use questioning, experiential learning to help them overcome any frustrations associated with being dyslexic.

Young people often do not live in isolation. As well as coaching individual young people, I can work with the whole family, providing support and coaching for the parents so that they can support and coach their child to gain the best results for the client.