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Personal Coaching and Dyslexia Support

Help and Support with Dyslexia in Kendal, North West

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If you are an adult and perhaps need some life coaching I am more than happy to work with you.

I use a range of coaching techniques which will help you to identify issues that may be causing you problems and then find solutions for them. We can then work together to ensure you are motivated to make changes and take actions so that you achieve your goals. Areas I can help with are stress management, career development, building stronger more productive relationships at home and in your social life.

If you are an adult and have difficulties with reading and writing or think you or someone close to you may be dyslexic I can offer support and coaching. I can help you overcome barriers related to dyslexia. I can act as a mentor and coach to help you understand how you learn best and maximise your learning potential so you can achieve your goals.

Contact Tom on 07799 866 662

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